• Spiro keeps you on top of your leads

    • Spiro’s Lead Management

      • captures leads from web forms, MailChimp, Facebook or other sources
      • assigns leads to the right salesperson
      • creates leads automatically from your email
      • sends automated reminders to follow-up on leads
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    • Capturing leads

      Spiro gives you many ways to automatically bring in leads and will even read your email to look for new ones. Connect Spiro with MailChimp, Pardot, Facebook or any number of sources to bring leads to your sales team.


  • Assign leads to the right salesperson

    When leads come into Spiro, make sure they get to the right salesperson based on geography, industry or any other factor.

    • Automated reminders to follow-up on leads

      Never forget to get back to a lead! Spiro will automatically remind you to get back to your leads at the right time.

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